Coffee Lovey

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I’d like to share my love towards this product 😀 It’s a rare kind of thing I publish in this blog anyway. And random one of course.

Well, whenever I heard this word, Coffee, my brain starts to imagine how great it is to have a sip of it. It is like when you have lots of burden, but then someone come and offers you a help to get rid of those burdens. That’s the same feeling when I have a cup of coffee. Exaggerating? Not really. I do really feel that whenever I’m with it, well not always, but oftenly. The aroma, the taste, the various flavor it offers, I just can’t let them go easily, both iced or hot one.

However, there are some problems I usually face when I’m about to drink Coffee. The problems are the price and its Halal-ness.

Some coffee shops set the price of their product too high, in my honest opinion as someone who don’t have exact amount of income :p But then, some people says the service and the ambience of the shop pay the price in the end. I agree and I don’t. If I’m about to have my favorite variant; Latte (no matter what the flavor is), I need to pay for at least IDR 30k. I sometime think it’s too much for a cup of coffee, when I actually can find a more surfeited food with that price.

Second, the Halal-ness of the product. Not all coffee shops here have their business certification from MUI (Indonesian Clerics Council). It means, not all coffee shops provide Halal coffee. Why? It’s just coffee isn’t it? Not something that really catch our eyes when we talk about Halal-ness, like Pork for instance. Well, it’s true it’s just a coffee, a beverage. But then, Pork is not the only substance that Muslim should not consume. Alcohol is another substance. I saw some coffee shops sell Rum-added coffee. Rum in my understanding is similar with alcohol. Only the form is different, or even the taste perhaps. But in Islam, it is still categorized as Khamr or something intoxicate. So, for me, a Muslim and a Coffee-lovey, the Halal-ness and the price of the coffee are really important.

Another thing that makes me love Coffee is that it can melt the ambience. Trully. Discussing hot issue about Islam and this country with your fellas in a coffee shop is a very great choice. And even doing your tasks with your classmates in a coffee shop is such a pleasant. It’s just amazing to see how a cup of coffee really matters. This quote prevails a lot:

No matter how the situation is, Coffee Understand.

It’s true. Coffee understands your situation. As for me, coffee is not only a beverage that people usually drink in their leisure time. But coffee is something that can complete my day. A day without coffee is so empty~

Oh, I just don’t know how to express my love to Coffee, if only it could hear me. LOL.

Well, that’s the only thing I wanna say about Coffee. I know it’s so random and maybe trash for some people, but I need to write what’s inside my head so that my brain could function well in this early morning. See you on other deep-analysis-post! 😀

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