​7 February 2017.

I’m still amazed that I can make my steps to this stage of university life. I came to this very city in 2013 with a very little insight about what kind of knowledge of study I’ll learn for the next 3,5 years. And no matter what, I shall follow everything, the classes by lecturers, the tasks given, the papers, presentation, the seminars, and so on.
And theen, during the thesis writing process, I’m even still on the state of ‘Hey, it’s thesis. It’s the last step of your college study! Finish it well!’. I do aware that, for some of us, passing the bachelor thesis defense is only a piece of cake because you’ve been through more serious stage of life.
But I also believe, most of us who have through or still in the writing process of thesis, will feel tired, stressed, burdened, and so on. But then, the tears, the sacrifice, the time we spent days and nights to write it, will be one of your life’s sweet stories that you’ll never forget.
From this post, I try to remind those who’ve passed that there’ll be more challenging events in the future, then please be thankful on what you’ve achieved. As for those who are still writing, I encourage you to keep the courage up and never stop, because the triumph in the end will pay everything back. Trust me.
Good luck for everyone!


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